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About Xtra Tutoring

We know how hard it can be to concentrate and get the full value out of school and university classes. Sometimes all you need is a 1 on 1 session with someone who can take you through the syllabus step by step, and help you understand the things you just don't get in class, and thus get you ahead of the rest. Extra, private lessons, will improve and better you results, motivation, understanding, test/exam preparation and study skills!

With tutors who have all attended quality schools and prestigious universities, we all understand that 30 other pupils in a class or lecture hall can make it hard to reach your potential, but, with a few concentrated 1 on 1 sessions a week we know we can help you better yourself as well as your results!

As a result of our lesson structure being 1 on 1, our tutors are flexible, unlike most schools; our tutors can go back in the syllabus and build on the student\'s knowledge base, and help them step by step through any problems they may have up to the present, and even future!

Simply put: we want to help students reach their potential!

Our tutors are relaxed and patient, and are there to form a mentor-like relationship with the student to provide academic insight and guidance so that they may help them achieve the results they deserve!

Our Tutors travel to you to provide private lessons either in the convenience of your own home or a suitable venue agreed to by both you and the tutor...

We will match your academic needs to the suitable tutor in and around your location.
We will replace your tutor at any stage at no cost to you, if they are not working out for any reason at all.

We supply our tutors with feedback forms so that parents are kept up to date with their respective student\'s progress: what they are doing well at and what they may still be struggling with!

We at XtraTutoring are here to help and want to do that the best way we possibly can!
So contact us with your needs and we will match you with a tutor to get you ahead of the rest!
We tutor in both English and Afrikaans for all subjects and grades! Computer lessons in Microsoft Word and Excel are also offered!