How we work

Hiring a tutor is easy. Here's how it works
  • Click on GET A TUTOR and accurately fill in the online application form.
  • XtraTutoring management team will match you with a suitable tutor to meet your academic needs in and around your area.
  • Our Tutor will contact you to set up an introductory meeting to discuss and agree on the following:
    1. Current syllabus and problem areas
    2. Upcoming exams and test dates
    3. Plan and agree on a lesson schedule that suits both parties
    4. Help you select a suitable Lesson package to match the lesson schedule
    5. Our Tutors travel to you to provide private lessons either in the convenience of your own home or a suitable venue agreed to by both you and the tutor.
    6. We will replace your tutor at any stage at no cost to you if you have any problems.
  • XtraTutoring management will invoice you for the selected lesson package and once payment is received lessons can commence.

    We have a Brand new interactive online administrative system which makes it so easy for you to keep track of your lessons, your lesson balance and report back to Xtratutoring management with an easy communication panel on any comments you may have regarding your academic progress.